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Mortgage Loan Basics

Advantages Common
      to all Our Products


Need Cash?

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Rates

Reinvestment Rates

Administration Fees

Loans for Rental and
      Housing Units


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Mortgage Loans

If you’re looking to buy a home, renew your mortgage or arrange refinancing, Industrial Alliance can definitely meet your needs.

Mortgage Loan Basics


A few definitions to help you see your way through mortgage loans.

Advantages Common to All Our Products


All our products have several advantages to meet your needs optimally.

Made-To-Measure Products at Fixed or Variable Rates


Industrial Alliance offers mortgage products at competitive rates.

Need Cash?


If you already own a property and need cash Industrial Alliance has solutions for you.

Mortgage Loan Prequalification


Mortgage Loan Prequalification gives you the opportunity to prequalify for a mortgage loan and obtain an interest rate usually guaranteed for 90 days*.

Mortgage Rates


See the rates in effect today.

Reinvestment rates

Administration Fees

Loans for Rental and Multi-Residential Housing Units


Do you require mortgage financing for your apartment buildings or your commercial and office buildings?


To File a complaint

Transferring (Subrogating) Your Loan


If you have a mortgage loan with another financial institution, you can easily transfer your loan to Industrial Alliance at no charge at the expiry of or during the term**. For more information, contact us.

*The number of days during which the rate is guaranteed may vary depending on the time of year. Please contact us for more information.

**Certain conditions apply.

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