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Life and Health Insurance

Home Protection Plan : Mortgage Insurance at its Best

Looking for a house to buy is not a challenge you take lightly. You have no doubt already figured out what you need in terms of space, number of rooms, style, neighbourhood, and state of repair…The purchase of a house is an important financial decision, and it is definitely a smart idea to protect the biggest investment of your life.

The objective of our Home Protection Plan coverage is to enable you to avoid leaving a significant debt for your surviving spouse and children. This plan enables your loved ones to keep the house and all the benefits associated with it, rather than having to sell up, in the event of your death prior to repayment of the mortgage loan.

Home Protection Plan is, first and foremost, life insurance coverage that enables you to pay all or part of your mortgage loan balance.

Features of our Home Protection Plan

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Features of our Home Protection Plan

You are the owner of your individual mortgage insurance, unlike group coverage offered by most financial institutions.

Protection from interest rate increases, since the premiums are level and they’re guaranteed for the entire term of coverage.

The ability to select individual or joint life insurance depending on your personal situation. This way, you can benefit from a significant reduction in the premium amount.

The advantage of keeping your insurance, even if you refinance your loan or change lending institutions. Your coverage remains in effect.

An opportunity to convert your mortgage insurance to regular life insurance without having to answer any health questions.

Freedom to appoint your own beneficiary rather than your financial institution.

Freedom for your heirs to use the benefits to repay your loan or to meet more pressing needs. That’s because the insurance benefit is paid to the beneficiary, rather than to your lending institution.

Benefits that cover your mortgage payments in the event of disability or critical illness.

You chose your home sweet home very carefully. With the Home Protection Plan, you can enjoy your home with full peace of mind while protecting the biggest investment of your life. What are you waiting for? Start filling your home with good things and happy memories!

To Learn More

For more details on the Home Protection Plan, take a look at this brochure:

Mortgage Insurance That is Custom Built to Meet Your Needs! (PDF - 363 KB)

Personalized advice from your financial security advisor can help you determine the type and the amount of coverage that’s best suited to your needs.


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