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Life and Health Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Every stage in life has its joys and its difficulties. This was true for your parents and their parents before them, and it will be equally true for your children. Luckily, there is a way to stay zen and to enjoy life without worries:  good financial planning, in which insurance plays a key role.

For a complete insurance solution that adapts to your situation as your needs evolve over the years, we offer you whole and term life insurance coverages, in a single contract for all insured persons. So it’s easy for you to take stock of your insurance coverage: a single premium, a single fee and a flexible contract.

Who Should Consider Whole Life Insurance?

Features and Advantages

Innovative Solutions

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Who Should Consider Whole Life Insurance?

For you

Whole life insurance is a good option for all stages in life. You choose the payment period, you are insured for your entire life and it also provides surrender values.

For your family

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. But it’s comforting to know that your loved ones will have the necessary financial support to help them carry on, no matter what. Whole life insurance protects your loved ones’ financial security for their entire lives.

For your children

Insurance coverage is also a precious gift to give to your children. By subscribing to coverage at a low price because of their youth, you guarantee them coverage that they can adapt to their needs as they get older.

For your business

Your business is your life’s investment, so you want to protect it. To guarantee its continuity, either by financing the purchase of a partner’s shares or giving your heirs the necessary time and assistance to find the right buyer, whole life insurance helps to avoid unpleasant surprises and helps keep your business prosperous.

Features and Advantages

Your premiums, your face amount and the surrender values are guaranteed. No surprises, no worries!

Payment options
You can choose to pay up your premiums in 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years, up to age 65 or even up to age 100. So you can set up a budget according to your priorities.

Surrender values are available starting in the 11th year of the contract and they continue to increase with time, allowing the accumulation of a fund that can be used as needed.

Advantages for children


For all coverage issued between age 0 and 20, we offer a guarantee that once an adult, the insured can increase his coverage, regardless of his state of health.


Healthy living is profitable.  Insured children age 0 to 14 benefit from a 40% increase in their initial coverage beginning in adolescence if they meet certain health criteria—all at no additional cost.

Coverage is grouped in a single contract to reduce multiple administrative fees.

They can benefit from preferred underwriting and obtain a lower premium.

Innovative Solutions

The Child Life & Health Duo is a unique, simple and thorough solution to protect your child (age 0 to 20). Payable up to age 30 for your child, this life insurance coverage pays a benefit equal to 50% of the face amount if a critical illness is diagnosed before the end of the premium payment period.

Life and Serenity 65 is a different kind of insurance coverage for people age 40 to 60. It’s life insurance coverage that provides for the payment of a monthly benefit equal to 1% of the face amount starting at age 65, in case of loss of independence. Finally, reassuring coverage when you need it most!

L15 Ultra, whose premiums are paid up after 15 years, offers significant accumulated values that could serve as retirement income, for example. In addition, this coverage includes the reimbursement of premiums paid in addition to the face amount, at the time of death.

Industrial Alliance traditional life insurance gives you peace of mind from generation to generation.

To Learn More

For more details on the whole life insurance, take a look at these brochures:

Peace of Mind From Generation to Generation (PDF - 844 KB)
Who has a Reassuring Combination for Parents and Children? (PDF – 274 KB)

Contact your financial advisor today to learn about the best coverage for your needs and your budget.


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