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Individual Products and Services

Life Insurance

Universal Life
    Insurance – Trend

Universal Life
    Insurance – Genesis

Term Life

Whole Life

Mortgage Insurance

Critical Illness

Disability Insurance

Insurance Without
      Medical Examination

Accident Insurance for
      the Entire Family

Accident Insurance
      for Newborns

Critical Illness
      Insurance for Children

Life Insurance USA

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Life and Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential to all good planning—whether it be to protect your family against a sudden loss of income, insure a key company employee or plan your estate. We have developed a variety of products to meet your specific needs and your financial situation.


Duration of Protection


Universal Life Insurance – Trend

Adjustable premium lets you take advantage of lower premiums if long-term interest rates rise significantly.

Enjoy tax-sheltered savings.


Universal Life Insurance – Genesis

Obtain life insurance coverage and accumulate additional tax-sheltered sums.

Adapt your financial program to your changing needs.



Term Life Insurance

Enjoy affordable financial security for a defined period.

To your choice :
10 to 40 years


Whole Life Insurance

Obtain enhanced financial protection with guaranteed cash surrender values and guaranteed premiums.