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Life and Health Insurance

Insurance Without Medical Examination

With no medical exam or blood test, this type of insurance is designed for people who, for medical or other reasons, have a hard time obtaining insurance. Insurance without medical examination is the simplest life insurance on the market to cover final expenses and other needs.

We’ve designed two different products providing insurance without medical examination, Alternative and Perspective, to better meet your specific needs.

Who is Insurance Without Medical Examination Designed for?

Characteristics and Benefits

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Who is Insurance Without Medical Examination Designed for?

For people who have a hard time obtaining life insurance for medical or other reasons.

Our guaranteed acceptance insurance product, Alternative, also provides excellent financial protection to parents who want life insurance for their child who is not eligible for regular protection.

Characteristics and Benefits of Insurance Without Medical Examination

This simplified insurance offers you several benefits, such as:

No blood test. No medical exam

Fixed and guaranteed premiums to make budget planning easier

Guaranteed face amount of up to $100,000

Benefit doubled in case of accidental death

Amounts paid to your estate tax free

Choice between fixed or indexed coverage each year

Face amount guaranteed for life, including plans with guaranteed surrender values.

Certain plans allow you to stop paying premiums and maintain a reduced amount of insurance guaranteed for life


Two insurance without medical examination products are available:

Alternative, guaranteed acceptance life insurance for people age 6 months to 80 years, with insurance premiums payable fore 20 years or to age 100. (Alternative life insurance can also be purchased as term coverage. The characteristics of the product are slightly different)

Perspective, insurance for people age 35 to 75, whose premiums are payable until age 100.

To Find out More

For more information on simplified issue insurance, consult our Guaranteed acceptance insurance (PDF – 289 Ko) pamphlet or our brochure entitled Who Offers you a Solution That Gives you Wings? (PDF – 221 Ko).


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