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Performance -
      Investment Funds
      (Segregated Funds)

IAG Savings and
     Retirement Plan -
     FORLIFE Series

IAG Savings and
     Retirement Plan -
     Classic Series 75/75

IAG Savings and
     Retirement Plan -
     Series 75/100

IAG Savings and
     Retirement Plan -
     Ecoflex Series 100/100

IAG Savings and
     Retirement Plan -
     Ecoflextra Series

Ecoflextra - Classic
     75/75 Series

Ecoflextra - Guaranteed
     Surrender Series


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Investment Vehicles

Investment Funds (Segregated Funds)

By putting money in investment funds of the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan, you are combining your savings with those of investors having similar investment objectives and benefiting from the skills of experienced managers. No matter what your financial horizon or your investor profile, we have the right investment fund for you.

Who Should Consider Investment Funds?

Features and Advantages of segregated funds

Funds Available

Who Should Consider Investment Funds?

All types of investors, from cautious to aggressive, primarily those having a medium- to long-term investment horizon.

Features and Advantages of segregated funds

Only insurance companies offer segregated funds. Our funds have numerous advantages that set them apart from mutual funds :

We offer a guarantee on your deposits, applicable at the maturity of the investment or at death. You can recover the entire amount you have invested.

You can protect the Returns generated from your investments.

You can protect your savings against potential creditors*.

The estate value is protected at death (without probate fees).

We ensure the continuity of your contributions in the event of disability*.

*Certain conditions apply.

Among the Funds offered within the IAG Savings and Retirement Plan, Focus funds are adjusted periodically to conserve the asset mix described in your investor profile.

Funds Available

The IAG Savings and Retirement program includes three separate series of funds, each with its own guarantees and choice of funds.

CLASSIC SERIES 75/75: A range of investment funds designed for those who are particularly looking for investment growth and who want to enjoy basic protection against significant market downturns while minimizing management fees.

SERIES 75/100: A range of investment funds designed for those who want their savings to be 100% protected at death so their heirs can benefit. They want to grow their capital while enjoying affordable guarantees.

ECOFLEX SERIES 100/100: A range of investment funds designed for those who want to fully protect their savings against market downturns and in case of death.

Diploma Fund
The Diploma Fund is the ideal financial vehicle to finance a child’s post-secondary education.

My Education Fund
Access to the range of My Education investment funds.

Mutual Funds Offered by Our Investia Financial Services Inc. Subsidiary
Investia Financial Services Inc. is a mutual fund dealer that distributes a wide range of mutual funds through its representatives.


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