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Group Savings and Retirement

Investment Funds

We offer a wide choice of investment funds that facilitate a healthy diversification of members’ assets by asset class and investment approach. Group investment funds offer excellent growth potential at various risk levels.


Risk Level

Advantages of Investment Funds

Products Available


The return on investment funds is linked to financial market performance. When you invest in an investment fund, you purchase fund units, and the role of the fund manager is to increase the value of the units. A unit's value corresponds to the fund's assets, divided by the number of units held by the investors.

Risk Level

A fund’s risk level corresponds to the probability of upward or downward variation of a security’s value. The more volatile or risky an investment is, the more its value may vary, and the more risk you take. It is therefore important to diversify your investments.

Advantages of Investment Funds

You choose from among a very wide range of funds.

The funds have various risk levels.

You can take advantage of their excellent growth and return potential.

No minimum investment is required.

You benefit from the expertise of a renowned team of managers.

Unit values are updated daily on our Internet site.

We conduct extensive monitoring of external management firms.

Relevant fund information is published regularly (publications).

You have access to our info-investment service.

Products Available

Group Investment Funds (See also the investment fund categories offered.)

Asset Allocation Funds

Dynamic Asset Management


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