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Group Insurance

Small Business Insurance Solution (Quebec and Atlantic Provinces)

SOLEX – The Customized Group Insurance Solution

The growth of an SMB requires special attention. To evolve efficiently in a competitive economic environment, a small business needs tools adapted to its particular situation.

Industrial Alliance's SOLEX product is custom-designed to satisfy the expectations of each group. Our basic coverages and our enhanced coverages adjust to the SMB's evolution.

This plan is available in Quebec and in the Atlantic Provinces.

What makes SOLEX stand out

Basic coverage

Enhanced coverage

For more information

What makes SOLEX stand out

CyberClient enables members to consult their insurance coverage directly and plan administrators to manage their plan online.

A health and wellness online resource.

Posaction Plus
A comprehensive management assistance program to reduce the incidence of disability.

Quality Customer Service
Dedicated representatives experienced in handling SMB needs are available to answer your questions.

Cost Plus Agreement
This service makes it possible to offer key employees the reimbursement of medical expenses that are not eligible under the basic contract, without having to extend the plan to all employees.

Basic Coverage

Participant's life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Dependents' life insurance

Participant's optional life insurance

Spouse's optional life insurance

Medical Second Opinion
Upon identification of a serious medical condition, plan members may quickly obtain second opinions from leading medical specialists at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

Short- and long-term disability insurance

Dental care insurance

Enhanced Coverage

Trip Cancellation Insurance: ConnectionTM
Covers fees when unforeseen circumstances lead to cancelation or interruption of a trip.

Home Care Insurance: ReliefTM
Covers the costs of medical assistance and home care required following hospitalization or day surgery.

Critical Illness Insurance
Makes it possible for employees to take the time they need to recover, while maintaining their quality of life and that of their family members.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Gives employees access to professional resources that they can use when dealing with problematic situations concerning their work, family or finances.

Vision Care
Reimbursement of vision care such as the purchase of contact lenses or corrective lenses for the member and their family.

For more information

SOLEX Brochure (PDF – 626 KB)

SOLEX Guide (PDF – 337 KB)



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